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Nanofixit 3 in 1 Liquid Screen Protection (x 1 unit) Product SKU: 81103

Exclusive to IPS. Call 02 9502 4040 for more information.

Most people don’t just own one gadget they care about but several devices such as phones and tablets. This is why we created NanoFixIt 3in1 as a protective package for 2 phones and 1 tablet, so that you don’t have to worry about scratches from everyday wear and tear. Product Features: Reduces more than 90% cell phone radiation; Actively kills germs and bacteria on the screen; Enhances the vividness of the screen (HD effect);l Enhances the quality of the camera and photos taken; Works seamlessly with ‘3D Touch’ screens; Lasts for up to 2 years; Eco friendly; Easy to apply; 100% bubble free