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Christmas Ornament Dream Time – Seed Dreaming (x 1 unit) 64594

Artwork by Judy Napangardi Martin

Story from the Artist
“This dreaming tells about the special seeds we use for grinding and making powder. The women add water to make a special damper. They put the damper in the coals for cooking. There are many different seeds we collect. These are from small bush. The seeds are green and leaf shape. Kangaroos love to eat these seeds as well. This is my mothers jukurrpa. am Napangardi and Kurdungurlu for this Jukurrpa.
Kirda or owner of this Jukurrpa (Dreaming) is the skin groups Napurrurla, Nakamarra, Jupurrurla and Jakamarra. Kurdungurlu or checking group of people are Nungarrayi, Napangardi, Jungarrayi and Japangardi. This painting depicts the bushes”.