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Christmas Orn Warnayaka Collection - Bush Potato Dreaming (x 1 unit) 64590

Part of our Warnayaka Collection

Bush Potato Dreaming - Yarla Jukurrpa

Artwork by Annie Napanangka Johnson

Part of our Warnayaka Collection
Story from the Artist
“This dreaming tells about bush yams or potatoes. The trees are green all year round. When the flowers are on the tree the women know that the potatoes are ready to dig for. The women look for long, thin cracks along the ground, made from the vines of the potato plant. The women dig where the cracks are. The potatoes are deep in the ground, sometimes more than one meter deep. The women gather them in wooden dishes, called parraja in Warlpiri. Bush potatoes are cooked on the coals, and have a sweet taste”.

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