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British Pewter Majestic Stag Copper Single 11oz Tumbler (x 1 unit) EPSTAG200

Handcrafted in Sheffield, England.

The Stag Collection has always been one of our most popular, thanks to being filled with wonderfully stylish items such as this Copper Majestic Single Stag Tumbler. The 11-ounce tumbler measures 9cm in height and has an elegant patterned pewter base to both add style and to give the tumbler a satisfying weight when being used. Together with the impactful stag's head adornment on one side, that makes this tumbler a firm favourite and an eye-catching piece of giftware. Sure to be appreciated by those who want their barware to turn heads or simply like a beautiful glass to enjoy their favourite tipple in, the Copper Majestic Single Stag Tumbler is provided in a stylish box.